Saturday, January 29, 2011

Walking Away - 27

(Words of God in Red)

Every thing and nothing hurts at the same time.
There is something stirring, something sublime.
I am missing something and I just cant tell what it is
Someone seems to talk to me, who's voice, is it His?
Or is it just me lost again in all my worries
Trapped and mislead always in a hurry?
Something is stirring what can it be?
I can't identify it and much less can I see
What is happening to my spirit, what is happening to my mind
I am agitated, frustrated and even unkind.
Fast, pray and stop asking questions
Be still because you're going in the wrong direction
I can't I wont, something is going on
How can I help you if you're not where you belong
The stirring is Me, and you act like an orphan
You seem to think that I am One that has no plan
Fast, pray and stop asking questions
Before you walk away from my gentle protection.

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