Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And we all fall down!

There is a story of a man that lived in a city. Every night as he walked throughout the city, he would yell "God is our Savior, He is the only way, repent!" It never failed. The sun would set and he would start walking and yelling, "God is our Savior. He is the only way, repent!". The older he would get, the louder his voice seemed to get. One night, a man leaned out the window to his house and asked, "Why do you say the same thing over and over again and every night? We already know that He is our Savior, and that He is the way and that we must repent. So why do you keep saying it?" The old man said, "I do not say these things to remind you, I say these things to remind me!"

We live in an age where the truth is being watered down or purposely forgotten for the sake of political correctness. There are schools in England that are dropping the Holocaust and the Crusades in their history classes because other people believe they did not exist. Any fact in history, whether it is popular or not, should be taught regardless of political views. There are things and facts about Christian history that I wish we could do away with because it paints Christians, and indirectly Jesus, in a negative light. But by ignoring the many mistakes of the Christian Church, we become vulnerable in making those exact same mistakes. One by one, person by person we must change the negative connotation of Christianity amongst unbelievers by being like Jesus, not fallible Christians.

So why is the old man such an important character in the story? Well because if we don't stand up for anything, we will fall for everything. The foundation that I try to raise my children and myself on, is God's Word which covers all aspects of my life. From not cheating on my taxes, to theft, to adultery; the ultimate law that I follow is what the Bible teaches. There are consequences if I don't follow man's law (which, by the way, doesn't include adultery) and there are consequences if I don't follow God's Word, and I am not solely talking about Hell! Every sin that God wants us to avoid hurts either us or those around us not always physically but so much more emotionally and spiritually. Yes! there is no law against adultery in the US, but tell that to the man who was betrayed. Yes! there is no law against sex before marriage, but tell that to the brokenhearted woman in an abortion clinic. Yes! there is no law against coveting, but tell that to a heart that is a shade closer to black. Yes! there is no law against lusting, but tell that to the man addicted to porn. Our convictions must rise higher than the standard of man's law. Our truth, must be resilient regardless of our feelings.

When I wonder why we are helping ungrateful people, why we feed others, why I listen to the same sob stories from the same women, I always go back to Jesus. I do it, because He did it and He asks me to and He would do it for me and HAS! There is no other reason to help anyone in a world that claims "survival of the fittest". On the contrary, its a "dog eat dog" world.

So keep reminding yourself to do what is right and to stick to the Biblical truth regardless if others do or do not. Be the REBEL! Remind yourself and others of what you believe and why you believe it, because if you don't, someone else will start thinking for you. And sooner or later, their silly little lie, starts sounding more like a truth.

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