Sunday, January 23, 2011

So Many Lost - 22

There are so many lost Lord.
I don't know where to start.
There are so many who don't know the way
And are growing far apart
From the One who created them, the One who truly cares
I don't feel adequate enough to tell them of your Grace and share.
Show me the way Lord
In how to reach the broken and lost
Know that I will follow you
No matter what the cost.
I know many are dying and will never see Your face.
They never got to hear of You and of Your pure amazing grace.
Show me the path that I need to take
And  make it clear for me
For I know what comes when they die
If they never get to see.
Give me Your eyes and give me your strength
To spread Your love no matter the length.
And teach me to love each and every soul
Let it be You, who eternally is in control
Don't let me show any hesitation or any fear
And open their hearts so that they may hear.

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