Saturday, January 22, 2011

My sister - 19

(Poem for my sister on her birthday)

The memories are many and the laughs so many more.
Your are quite an entertainer whenever I a bored.
The mischief and the chaos run wild in our lives.
The love and the joy, there is nothing that's deprived
You're not just a sister, you're not just a friend
You are not just a confidant with me to the very end.
You are a shoulder, a person who will always understand
All my problems and my worries than never cease to land
You are a ray of sunshine when the clouds are so big and black
You are a motivator when my mood becomes so slack.
You have put up with so many misconceptions
And filled them with so many good intentions
You are not just a sister you're not just a friend,
No better person could God ever send.

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