Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Child of Who

I love reading books about midieval and renaissance times specifically in England and Spain.(YES I'M A NERD!)   I just finished reading a book called the White Queen by Philippa Gregory.

Warning  History Nerd Alert!

 Anyway, the book is about the House of York winning the throne from the House of Lancaster. This struggle went on for about 100 years and is better known as the War of the Roses. The House of York's  is the white rose and (you guessed it) the House of Lancaster is the red rose hence the name "war of the roses". Well these two houses were cousins. In England all royalty was related one way or another. They continually fought for the throne and killed each other for it. Brother betraying brother, cousin betraying cousin, and the women in the background scheming their way to the throne with their male heirs. It was brutal and unbelievable the things these people did for the throne. Several times the white queen (Elizabeth Woodville consort to Edward IV) would tell herself how her son was a "Son of York" through and through. Why? Because the boy was always ready for battle, was ambitious, was full of life and knew that the end always justified the means.


Many of us do the same things with our own children or with people in our family. When a boy is good in a certain sport we say, "he's a Jones (or whatever your last name is) through and through". When a child loves the family recipe for pumpkin pie, we say "it's in her blood". When certain traits are noticed that our children do, we say its because he's a part of the family. Even my Rami who is not biologically Nathan's shows Tobey traits. We even do it with people from different states. Take a Northerner and a Southerner. If someones is loud and tells you what's on his mind we say "oh its because he's from New York". Or if someone likes tea with their sugar we say "oh its because they're from Georgia". We can tell is someone is from Lousiana just by how they talk. We call people Yankees, Hillbillies, Rednecks, Mexicans, Raza, Ghetto, Texans, Cowboys, Country, Jocks, Nerds and so on because of what they DO or SAY.

So why the heck do we think that being called a CHRISTIAN implicates that we can DO nothing and SAY anything!? 

Being called a Christian means you have to behave a certain way and talk a certain way. He's good at quoting scripture when I need it! - Oh its because he's a Christian. He is always fasting and in prayer - Oh it's because he is a Christian. He is always talking about Jesus - Oh its because he's a Christian, it's in his blood! Being called a Christian means we behave a certain way. Those that second guess their salvation only second guess it because they are not acting like Christians. Am I saved? Well what have you done lately? Well, nothing? Well maybe we need to get on our knees and ask Jesus in. Jesus is like a semi-truck. When he hits you, YOU CAN TELL! Over 80 percent of our nation is Christian and YOU CAN'T TELL!

Have you heard Packer fans say, " I bleed green and  yellow"? What about Christians, do you bleed "Jesus". Do you bleed Jesus because He is so much a part of you that he comes out through you? That He seeps out of you?

There is a book title that I read that really strung a note to me. The title was Christian Atheists. What a powerful title! Is that what we have become? That if you would follow an atheist and a Christian, that their lives would mirror each other.

Who do I mirror? I hope people immdiately think Anna - the Christian or the Jesus Freak or the Christ Follower. Not Anna - the nice lady or the funny gal.

Am I a Daughter of Jesus through and through? The only way to tell is by what I do.

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