Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Place - 13

There is a place
Only for me
It is my special space
That no one can see
There I am lost
And quickly found
It comes with a cost
And the price is sound
I must be still
I must be hushed
It takes my will
To not be rushed
But He is always there
To meet my heart
He never seems to care
How long we’ve been apart
He welcomes me every time
And understands what I feel
My spirit is sublime
All my words do is steal.
They steal the groans of the Spirit
They just get in the way
I must remember to inhibit
Anything I want to say
Silence speaks loudest
For I have someone to speak for me
It gets rid of the proudest
For I depend on what I can’t see
With pangs of hunger
Where all my pain I release
Where He breaks me asunder
So finally there’s peace.

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