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This blog has a little bit of everything. Ecclesiastes 9 advises us that whatever our hands find to do, that we may do it with all our might. Colossians 3 also tells us that whatever we do, to do it as if we were doing it for God. I write, about everything and I pray that I do it well. I view life with a lens focused on the eternal. Every aspect of our lives, regardless of what season we are in, can be used to serve God and to bring honor to Him. Only when we find joy in the eternal, can we experience life to it's fullest here in the temporal. And that is my hope: that I bring you insight, that I bring the same or different perspective of a certain point of view, that you laugh and rejoice with me, or that we can walk through a disagreement together.  I am glad you are here.

This is Chester, by the way. He is our newest addition to our menagerie.

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