About Me

First and foremost I am a Christian. By trying to be most like Jesus, I become the best wife, the best mother and the best ambassador for Him to those around me.

I have been living in the beautiful town of Kuttawa in the gorgeous state of Kentucky for almost 6 years now.

I am married to a wonderful man that worships me just a little less than His Savior and loves me with all of his heart.

I have three children.

I lived in Texas all of my life, but recently have found myself in a new state, surrounded by super tall trees, colorful wild flowers, rolling hills and some of the most hospitable people I have ever met.

I attend Macedonia Baptist Church that is basically my next door neighbor. We can walk to church and get there in about 5 minutes! We get there in about 49 seconds if we drive, and we're sometimes still late!

I hope you enjoy my writing, musings and blog. Feel free to comment and follow.

In Jesus' love,