Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Closer to Finishing Book

I just wanted to put out a post about what is going on in regards to the devotional I am writing. As of right now, I have finished 6 chapters out of a 12 chapter book. Every chapter contains a short story or insight and is followed by a couple of sections. Each chapter contains at least four sections titled "quickening of the Holy Spirit", "Uncomfortable Thing", "Habits To Consider", and "Verses To Chew On".

The "Quickening of the Holy Spirit" section is simply questions you ask yourself and waiting for the Holy Spirit to give you answers. It is learning to feel the slight "kicks" of the Holy Spirit that otherwise go unnoticed due to our busy schedules. They are questions that will require action.

The "Uncomfortable Thing" section is basically the "dare" of the chapter. You have to complete the "Uncomfortable Thing" in order to be able to proceed to the next chapter.Yes, each "Uncomfortable Thing" is uncomfortable.

The "Habits To Consider" section is just what it says it is. It's a couple of habits you can slowly start implementing in your life to help you be more aware of Jesus in your life and of others and the fact that you are a Christian.

The "Verses To Chew On" is a couple of verses that go with the chapter and several questions regarding the verses.These are questions that would do well in a group study and can help with the "digestion" of the verses. These verses are not "milk" verses, they are "meat" verses hence the "chew".

The chapters are not long - per se, but they do involve a lot from the reader.

It is amazing what God has been doing in my spiritual life. For the moment, he is bending me in ways I didn't know I could bend. He is teaching me the art of silence, meditation, fasting and meaningful prayer. He has forced me to depend only on Him because I didn't want to do it voluntarily. But I am grateful for the things I am learning from Him and I know that He is preparing me for something I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined.

Thanks for all the support.

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