Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet Jesus!

On K-Love they were asking a pretty interesting question. On the air they asked the listeners what food did they turn to when they needed comfort. So many people called in and there were many answers. Most of the answers though was some kind of sweet food. There were some that said other things, like hamburgers or french fries, but the majority of them specified some kind of pastry, chocolate or sweet desserts. I thought that was kinda interesting because I have had to learn to comfort myself without the aid of sugar. (I am not sure how many of you know, but I am abstaining from anything sweet until I am together again with Nathan). So I thought a little about the answers people gave and I thought about the Supreme Comforter. He is always there to provide comfort to our weary souls and there ready to listen to a broken heart, but as I thought of this I realized that HOW Jesus tastes to us matters a lot. Jesus cannot comfort us if He has a sour taste. Jesus cannot comfort us if He is bitter tasting. A lot of time we confuse our horrible religious or church experiences and marry them with Jesus. When the church has left a bitter taste in our mouths we think that Jesus tastes the same, therefore asking Him to comfort us when we think He's bitter is something we ask in vain. The same thing happens with our lives. If life has thrown us too many curve balls and we in turn have become bitter against life, we tend to think of Jesus as the same. We think of Him as this big ogre up there ready to stomp out any happiness. And then we wonder why Jesus isn't comforting us in our time of need. It is the taste we think He has. He must be sweet in order for Him to comfort us. He must be delicious in order for us to want more of Him. King David said this of Him: "Taste and see that the Lord is good" and "How sweet are your words to my taste. They are sweeter than honey!" Yuuuuuummy!  How we view Jesus impedes or allows us to receive His comfort. When we pray and ask for His comfort we must remember that he IS sweet to the taste and satisfies our needs and cravings. Even when life is cruel, He is tender no matter what we feel. If the church has caused you pain remember that humans will always fail us, but Jesus never will. He is good to us. When the sky is falling and this world has lost its appeal, remember that He won't falter and will always be there - even to ends of the earth. When we feel that no one cares, He even know the hairs on your head - that's how intereseted He is in you. Do not let other people, cultures, or life situations taint the taste of Jesus. He is not them and He is not you, so don't mesh them together. There is no other way to receive His comfort unless Jesus tastes sweet.

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