Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Children of Henry VIII - Book Review

I just can't get enough of this part of history! These stories are better than any soap opera just because they were true! This book covers the stories of Henry VIII's 3 children: Mary, Elizabeth and Edward; and his great-niece Jane Grey - she is also known as the "9 days queen". 
The unbelievable drama of Henry VIII did not end with his death and this book tells of the incredible events that shaped religious methodology and eventually affected every American Christian. If you own a Bible written in English, you can thank this era and the many who died to give the people the Word of God. After the death of Henry VIII, beliefs on polar opposite sides battled for the "true" religion to reign in England. Power swayed between the Church of England and Catholicism and back again. All this lead to was torture, betrayal, intrigue and martyrdom and both sides suffered. You feel sorry for every single one of Henry VIII's children as they all struggle to survive as rulers - most don't.

If you are a lover of Tudor history this is a great read. Alison Weir is an excellent writer and doesn't leave you too long bored with tons of trivial information.

One thing that I didn't like too much was that it didn't speak any on Elizabeth's reign. The book ends with Elizabeth accepting the honor of becoming Queen of England. 

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I give this book 7 out of 10 stars
It is 366 pages.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

God - The Evidence Book Review

The back of this book says: Is Science Uncovering the Face of God?

I picked up this book because it sounded interesting. As a Christian, my faith is not based on science, at all. That is why it is faith. God does not need to prove Himself to me, it is innate in all of us to "know" that there is a God up there. Some just refuse to believe, and point to science as a reason for their unbelief. On the contrary, science is pointing more and more to a Designer and many scientists - because of their refusal to be lowered from their god-status - are forced to take different approaches or make things up to twist their results to their beliefs. Science to me, just brings a new dimension to my faith. I adds to my faith. It compliments it. Faith comes from hearing, not from a science book. Now can revelations in new scientific discoveries open the eyes of a non-believer, of course, but true faith is not based on science, but on who the Holy Spirit points you to - Jesus.

Saying that, this book should be read by the mature Christian. Every chapter contains information to compliment a Believer's faith. Some of the stuff in it is great! It basically proves God exists. The only problem I had with the book is that the author quotes Gandhi quiet a bit towards the last chapter, and the last chapter leaves room for a different way to get to Heaven. So please beware, Christian reader of the last chapter in the book which speaks exponentially on near-death-experiences.

Other than that, the book was great and really got me excited about the new discoveries that are pointing towards God. Other books I would recommend if this topic interests you is Lee Strobel's "Case For" books. You can start your search for these books here.

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I give this book 7 out of 10 stars
It is 169 pages long