Monday, January 17, 2011

No Time - 17

My feet hurt
And I just have to complain
About how much my feet hurt
And how much they're in pain.

I walk around all day
Doing all my chores
I grumble all the way
Down to clean the floors

I didn't have time to take a shower
Nor to shave my hairy legs
My laundry pile looks like a tower
The kids begin to beg

"We're hungry, what's for dinner?"
"I ordered pizza" I say
I know I'm not getting thinner
But there was no time today.

No time for laundry
 No time at all, not even time for me
The fridge is empty
The cat is lost, where the heck can he be

O God give me the stregth to make it through this day
I don't know what kind of length my mind can take today

I get to bed and try to read
A part of His Holy word
I close my eyes and start to pray
And I know it goes unheard
He doesn't even know me
ANd frankly I don't know myself
There never seems to be much time
When I put Jesus on the shelf

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