Saturday, January 15, 2011

Human 14

I am a human being. I will fail. I will fall. My nature is imperfect. I am prone to lie, to cheat, to steal. Pride was not taught to me, it was innate. I tend to look after myself first. I prefer not to have rules or boundaries. I want what is not mine. I want to live forever and I hate to think about death. Usually people that are weaker than me, I am impatient with. I want more money, more power and more beauty. And I usually want them regardless of the risk to myself or others. I want to praised, adored, worshipped, appreciated and acknowledged. I lust after things that are not mine and my desires are many. Vanity reflects on my mirror. I am capable of murder if I am angry enough. I am capable of all atrocities if there were minimal consequences. Sometimes I could care less for consequences. I am sick. My body withers more every day. My mind is sick. I lose my thoughts to sin every day. I am prone to addictions, bad habits and quick fixes of pleasure. I am a human being. And because of this I need Jesus more now than ever. The moment I believe I am not capable of these things, is the moment I lie to myself. The foundation that Satan needs to start building is a lie.

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