Sunday, November 28, 2010

Learning Hebrew

I have decided to learn Hebrew. I prayed about a language to learn. My life is not so complicated right now, but I find a peace learning how to express what I feel in other languages. I think its amazing that there are so many different languages out there and so many more dialects, and it all started at Babel. I sometimes switch praying from English to Spanish to Portuguese and now Hebrew. There is a deepness I feel knowing that my Jesus understands all, and even more of a profoundness when I recite blessings in Hebrew. Saying the Lord's Prayer in Hebrew at first sounded so foreign (naah DUHH), but slowly is becoming more familiar. But I wanted to share something I learned in my studies. I am practicing how to write the alphabet and in studying the first letter "ALEPH" I learned something remarkable. You see, every letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a meaning and a purpose and a story. The first letter represent God. God being the first of everything and being Supreme above all else. And the letter itself is given a number (gematria). The number for ALEPH is 1. Again symbolizing God being the one and only ALMIGHTY. Well in the Bible we are all familiar with Genesis 1:1. In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. In the Hebrew it is written more like "In the beginning created God the Heavens and the Earth. Well the word for "created" is the Hebrew word "bara". So you have: "In the beginning "bara"... ". Well the word "bara" can be broken down to " bar a". The word "bar" is the word used for "son of". So translated would be "In the beginning son of "a"". Again the letter "A" represent God, "In the beginning Son of God". JESUS. He's there in the first verse of the Bible! My Jesus, my savior. Hebrew is very difficult, but Hebrew letters are not just drawings that indicate a sound, they are individual and each have a history and a meaning, not just a sound. They also hold a numeric value that also means something in itself. I am discovering a new depth to my Lord that I never knew existed. I am so honored to be his child and be included in His inheritance.


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  2. I think I did! Let me know if you have problems.