Monday, October 17, 2011

Courageous - Movie Review

I was hesitant to see Courageous only because I am not really into tear-jerking movies. Well bring a whole box of Kleenex because you will need it! Even good old dad will be crying at this movie, especially dads with daughters.

The movie is about 4 police officers and one construction/factory worker that no longer want to fit into the stereotype of the passive American dad. The movie cites several times the shocking statistics of the effects of children being raised without the father figure. Here is more information on the facts of what are some of the consequences of children growing up without a father figure. The men in this movie go through many of life's hardships and battles and look to God and His Word for the answers on how to be great fathers. Who else but the ultimate Father to give you lessons on how to be a dad? Through their trials and several funny moments they turn their lives around by turning their heart towards God and what He expects of them as spiritual leaders. They become pro-active men, involved in the lives of their children. What a beautiful message!

Courageous is a Christian movie done by the same directors as Fireproof, Flywheel and Facing The Giants. The acting is a bit mediocre in a minimal amount of scenes but the message is forward, as it needs to be. The directors were bold  in developing characters that depend on Jesus and in displaying how the Bible contains all that is necessary to be a great father.

In a post-feminist, post-modernist world, the roles that God designed for men and women has been blurred through political correctness. Our boys are told that guns and playing with swords is violent. They are not allowed to horse play or rough house with their friends due to fear of "hurting" themselves. We don't let them get dirty, grimy, smelly, or muddy. We panic when they bleed or fall. We (mostly mothers) teach them fear of bugs, mice, germs and other crawly things. We run to protect them when they pout or don't get their way. And frankly mothers, we are raising little wusses. We have not allowed our husbands to be a part of their lives. Dads fill a special role in a child's life that only the male mind can provide. Guess what ladies, we are different from men and we will never be like them. Praise God! We raise boys, not men. Ever heard of a momma's boy?

Like Fireproof, there is a book you can buy that is based on the principles of the movie. If you are interested in buying the book click here. There is also a book geared towards women. For that book, click here.

I wasn't too surprised about secular critics giving poor ratings to the film. Most didn't bash anything but the Christian content. Many critics talked about how phony it was for someone to use in conversation how their faith helped them. Guess what! Christians talk that way. It is called Christianese. We reference things like faith, Jesus, the Bible, and use church jargon and cliches all the time. The secular critics, I guess, can't believe someone talks about their faith outside of church.

Courageous really tugs at the heart and the tear ducts. It is an excellent movie to take for the whole family, but be warned the movie is rated PG-13 and there are several scenes involving violence. The opening scenes involves a car jacking. There is a scene where a young man is "jumped" into a gang. There is a somewhat bloody gun fight scene towards the end. There are several references to drugs. The "d" word is used. A man gets tazed by a police officer. There are no sexual references and all the characters are dressed modestly. I do believe the PG-13 rating is a bit high considering other movies with stronger material have had PG ratings.

I highly recommend this movie to the Christian family, specifically the men. I also took several teens and they all enjoyed it. A younger child might get a bit bored because there is quiet a bit of dialogue.

Rating: PG-13 for some violence and drug content.
Running Time: 124 minutes

I give this movie an 9 out of 10 stars only because a few of the actors were camera conscious.

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