Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Most Beautiful Thing

The tears that flowed and the sweat that bled
There was nothing beautiful to be found
An unanswered prayer and friends that fled
No one defended Him, no one made a sound.

The sting of betrayal and the slow walk to trial
There was nothing beautiful about that kiss
The stares of the religious and the spit of the vile
While fists beat him and nobody missed.

A restless night in a cell for the damned
There was nothing beautiful about that place
Sleepless, and the echo of a door slammed
A guilty and violent man He replaced.

The lashes of a whip and the pain of flesh flogged
There was nothing beautiful there
The mock of the Romans and the chant of a mob
How much more could this man bear?

The weight of a cross that on Calvary stood
There was nothing beautiful about this tree
The sting of a nail driving through flesh and wood
There was something beautiful that He could see.

The sin of the world on the shoulders of God's son
There is nothing beautiful about sin
He gave up His Spirit and now it is done
What was once ugly is now beautiful to Him

Jesus became sin, the ugliest thing for God to see
Because the ugliest thing was you and me
Through His blood that ran down that tree
The most beautiful thing He saw was you and me

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