Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Starved - Short Story

Day 1 - My master has locked me up again. It is dark where I am. He has stripped me from all my clothes and leaves me with nothing to cover my shame. I do not know how long I will be here. I have become an inconvenience to him. I get in the way of things he wants to get done. I am so alone.

Day 3 - I can hear his voice and I want to tell him I am hungry, but I keep silent. He has forgotten about me. Why can't he remember me. There were days when I brought him happiness, even joy. Why can't he remember those days?

Day 8 - I feel I am dying. I only get fed scraps that he throws at me just to shut me up. I scream and cry for him to feed me, to let me go. I find I am getting used to the darkness now but the cold still bites at me. I can't stop crying. I am so hungry and the loneliness overwhelms me.

Day 9 - He brought a small blanket today, maybe he will remember me soon.

Day 13 - I heard his voice again and screamed for food. For him to feed me! He beat me and took away my blanket. I should have stayed silent, but I am so hungry.

Day 20- I want to die, but I do not have anything to kill myself with. The pests don't even bother me anymore. I just let them climb on me. I can hear the noises they make. I can feel their small feet scratch at my skin. My master has forgotten me.

Day 21 - I get a visitor and I plead with him to feed me. He says he is only there to comfort me. He heard my tears, He gives me a blanket and some clean water. I drink shamelessly. He watches me for a while and it sounds like he has started to cry. Do something! Talk to my master! He says he will.

Day 22 - The visitor says that my master won't listen to him. He tells me that my master doesn't want me anymore and is waiting for me to die. The visitor leaves.

Day 26 - I know I am dying. Soon I will die. I don't even feel the hunger anymore. He doesn't even give me water anymore. I wait for death.

Day 27 - I stop breathing. He forgot me.

Question: Have you forgotten to feed your spirit. Every day our spirits die of malnutrition and neglect. There is a pandemic of spiritual anorexia and abuse. What kind of master are you?

Directions: Feed your spirit with God's Word. If it is a baby spirit start with comforting verses and verses of promise and warmth. Then once your spirit has matured begin feeding more solids i.e. verses that challenge you to do things for others. Then go to complete solids i.e. verses that move you to give food to others and that help other masters to feed their own spirits. Don't forget to laugh, to sing and to pray. All these things provide comfort for you spirit.

For further directions please call: 1-800-JESUS. He gave you your spirit and can tell you more about it.

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