Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The art of Embroidery

I am having so much fun embroidering! I just love it! It does require a tremendous amount of patience, but the results are so rewarding. I started with a rather ambitious project and I believe that was why it took me so long to finish it. I started off by drawing a hummingbird and two hibiscus flowers. I saw this picture in a card and I thought it would look beautiful on a tote bag. So the tote bag is finished now, but the back of it is a mess. I think I might have to attach some kind of cloth in the back. I also would like to add my name to the other side of the bag.

This is the latest project I finished. I embroidered it
on a handerkerchief. It is an "L" with a flower and some sort of berries around it. The "L" was textured by interweaving the thread. This took about 4 days to do. Unfortunately I ran out of the greyish green color for the "L" and had to improvise. The flower petal are a satin stitch and the so are the leaves. The vine is an attempted stem stich. Again the back of the embroidery looks just awful. I am going to try and make it cleaner next time around. Although the back of the handkerchief looks way better than the back of my tote bag!

This is a detail of what the "L" and flowers look like.
For my next project I am going to draw some vines and flowers on the edge of some white pillow cases I bought. I was thinking about drawing a peacock with a long tail coming down, but I am going to try to take this one step at a time and do something simpler.

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