Friday, February 18, 2011

The Action Bible - Book Review

 I saw this Bible at Wal-mart while I was grocery shopping. It is called The Action Bible - God's Redemtive Story. I was immediately attracted to the comic like scenes on the cover. The Bible was actually wrapped so I wasn't able to see the inside, but I am so happy that I bought it. It is priced at $24.99 but I bought it for $19.99. When I bought it I figured my son, Rami would like to read it and the drawings are phenomenal. Well he did! He immediately turned to the Samson story and read the whole part!

There are scenes in this Bible that I had forgotten about. Like the scene when Elijah out runs Ahab's horse in I Kings. And the pictures are full of emotion and detail. So far, every thing has been accurate and none of the females are over sexualized as some comic books like to do.

I also like that on the back of the book it is listed as Juvenile - Non-Fiction. These are the true comic super heroes that are not  a figment of someone's imagination, but were true living human beings that we can all learn from.

I recommend this Bible to any parent with a young son. Boys being more visual, can really learn from this Bible and actually be more interested in the wars, fight and love scenes, physical and emotional torture, and sheer drama of the Bible.

This is the scene when Esau realizes that Jacob tricked their father and he lost his blessing. There are actually tears of anger coming down his face.

 This is obviously the scene of the last supper. I like that they are all sitting down close to the floor as was custom during Jesus' times. Again, the artist is wonderful at depicting the faces of the Apostles and of Jesus. He didn't spare any detail in the surroundings or in the people themselves.
This is the crucifixion. Again it is not overly gory but you know that there is pain. Rami just loves reading the "bubbles" of what people are saying. Jesus also isn't depicted as some pale wimp either. He is a strong and rough man. He is the true Superman!