Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today's Children Devotional: Circumsicion, Homosexuality, Beatings and Polygamy

I found some interesting stuff on the Jewish Calendar. I remember receiving a post from Desirae saying taht she had spent the night outside in honor of Sukkot. Well I looked that up and felt like I should have done that with my family and really regretted not doing the same. (THanks Desirae for opening a new world to me yet again!) So I found there what is called a PARSHAH which basically is a section of scripture that is read a loud or with the family. So I decided to do that with Rami. We light a candle every night to remember that God provided a light for the Israelites at night during the wilderness, and we have added onto that remembering taht WE are to be a LIGHT to this dark world.

So last week was the week we read the Cheved which included the story of Sarai beating Hagar, Abram taking a second wife Hagar and the explanation of circumcision. Yeah Rami was wide-eyes the whole time and winced when I described what circumsicion was. He felt violated because HE was circumcized as a baby and was a bit upset with me that I had done taht to him. He also couldn't believe Abram could marry someone else AT THE SAME time as being already married. And how could SARAI beat up HAGAR when it was Sarai's idea in the first place. He also was astonished that God's people had SLAVES. HOW COULD THEY! HOW MEAN! So here I was reading the Bible. ANd Rami is just jaw-dropped. We then read about ABRAM hacking 3 animals in half as an offering to God and just killing the doves. Rami couldn't believe that people could be so cruel to animals. He's like "Its not even food for them, they just kill it.". I explained that killing an animal and spilling it's blood was necessary to cover for the sins.  I gave him an example. I said, "Well sweetie, if you lied you would have to go buy a dove and take it to the pastor(priest I know, but i tried to keep it simple for him) The pastor would then slit its throat and spill its blood on an altar. The dove had to die because of your sins." Rami was shocked. He said "Well I would sin less if that had to be done!" I couldn't help but laugh. But I then explained to him that we don't have to do that anymore. That JEsus sacrificed himself to pay for our sins once and for all. "So Jesus saved a bunch of animals also besides us then, right mom?" Rami then said. It was pretty awesome teaching him that. I also tried explaining the circumsicion of the heart, but he said it hurt to much and he didn't want to hear anymore. HE had had enought blood, guts, beatings and foreskin for a day! But Rami got it, he saw Abram in his mind, sacrificing an animal to cover his sin, and the next picture was JEsus sacrificing himself for our sins. Jesus is all over the Old Testament!

In our culture we tend to stay away from these stories in the Bible. We want to "beautify" God's word and tell of only the pretty stories. BUt there is a lot of other stuff in there that might paint a clearer picture to our children and what Jesus did for them. The BIble isn't pretty and neither is Christianity. We want to keep our children innocent. That they are too young to hear about slaves being beat and a man taking two wives. But at the same time, our society is beating stuff into them.

This week is Vayeira week. It covers the 3 visitors, Sodom and Gomorrah and Lots daughters. AHHHH. I didn't want to do this one. Because of all the homosexuality in it. Rami "knows" a couple of teens that are "gay". So in my mind I know he is going to ask about them and their sin. The whole world is telling Rami that being GAY IS OKAY! And here I am afraid of reading him a story about just how much God hates homosexuality as a sin.So much that he destroyed two cities because of it. I am afraid he might see a gay person and say "HEY! GOD says you're not supposed to be gay. Haven't you heard of Sodom and Gomorrah!!!" But God bless him if he does. I am so afraid he might offend someone or stand up in school and say ITS WRONG!" To HELL with my fear! Homosexuality is WRONG, but I wont tell anyone who is gay that because I might hurt their feelings! When did I become such a wimp? I am going to read this story to my son, because if I dont feed him God's truth, someone else will feed him the truth of this world.

I will keep you posted on how it goes!

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