Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I am Jericho

I am Jericho

A land pagan and full of sin
My walls tower like the souls within
This Joshua wants me so I stand up proud
These walls will not tumble no matter how loud
The crashing of the pots and jars crumble at my feet
My heart is rebellious, I am on the throne, I am on the seat

The horns begin to blare
He circles me as I stare
Fall, I will not dare
I will leave Him in despair.

Here comes the attack
There is no turning back
I am soon to be sacked

This man is on a mission
Breaking my walls without permission
My sin is dying, along with my volition
Killing all that is me and my tradition

He makes me His city, I am the Promised Land
I was in His thoughts even before He made man
I was set on His heart before I even knew
That conquering me was something He was set to do

The dust of the battle has settled down
I was a lost city now eternally found
I am captive to Him forever bound
I am His and there’s no sweeter sound.

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