Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Love to Eat Hate to Eat - Book Review

What the back of the book says:
After years of futile dieting, you know there's more to weight control
than what you eat. Having discovered the power that food has over
our lives, Elyse Fitzpatrick helps you:

* identify your destructive eating habits *
* surrender your desire for control *
* break the vicious cycle of emotional eating *
*develop a flexible plan suited to your unique situation *

God knows everything about you . . . where you've been and where
you're going. Because He knows you so well, He can deeply
transform  you, giving you the contentment you long for. 

This is the first book I have ever read by Elyse Fitzpatrick. I have heard some of her talks and she is a woman that continuously brings everything back to the Gospel. I . . . LOVE . . . THAT! This book is no different in her technique. All our problems in our life go back to the truth that we are in a fallen world marred by sin. We are weak, futile beings that cannot save ourselves from these besetting sins. Can I will myself to follow a diet? Of course, but if I am honest with myself the reason for the desire to lose weight is always ego-centric. How I will look. How much better I will feel. How healthy I will be. How I will be loved more, admired more etc. All of these thoughts have me in the center and is a form of idolatry. Elyse, speaks on the gift of food and that God provided us with this blessing, but like many things, we have come to worship and rely on food instead of its Creator. 

There is no diet plan in this book, so if you are looking for that, this isn't your book. She uses an acronym DISCIPLINE to help identify what sin is leading you to trust in food instead of on God. She encourages a food journal, something I have begun doing and rest assured, I eat a lot more than I thought I did! She also uses lots of Scripture, which a Christian should use, to battle sin. She points to the Holy Spirit as a helper in the struggle of gluttony. 

The main point, I believe, that this book is trying to get across is to love God with all your heart. This might sound too simple, but that is the key to breaking the chains of bondage to ANY sin. Bask in His glory, in His redemptive love then food will look like a mud pie compared to the ecstasy of knowing you are loved by the Creator of the universe so much that He poured His wrath on His Son instead of on you!

It is very tempting to want a list of what to eat and what not to eat. But that would be falling back into "laws" that I must follow. That would be falling back into feeling disappointed in myself because when I fail, I must now punish myself and starve or work out more. That would put me back into the cycle that I have been avoiding and has destroyed me and has led to a life where I am the center. 

She admits that this process is slow but steady. It is not a fad, it is not a twelve-step secret formula, and you will most likely lose weight slowly; but losing weight is not the point. The point is to grow in our sanctification (grow holier). The point is to grow closer to Him. The point is to bring Him glory in all we do, including how we eat. The point is to be used as a witness for the world to see His power and His love. 

If gluttony is one of the sins you struggle with, I HIGHLY recommend this book. I also recommend that you buy a notebook specifically for this book and to start your food journal. 

You can buy this book here!

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