Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Beauty? - (Warning: This passage talks a little about sex)

 There are many animals that don't experience color the way we do. A dog, for example, really cannot enjoy the myriad of colors that a beautiful sunset boasts. Other animals don't experience taste the way we do. A pig, for example, could care less if it eats rotten potatoes or filet Mignon. It is not designed to enjoy the subtle tastes and intricate concoctions of fine elegant meals.  Even a female chimpanzee or a gorilla which is supposedly higher on the "evolutionary ladder" cannot partake in the glorious feelings of being in love and enjoying the ecstasy of sex with a partner (husband) that loves you back. The female animal, in general and unfortunately, doesn't get to enjoy sex like us human girls can.

What then is the purpose of beauty? Why can we see color the way we do? It doesn't help us survive, on the contrary because God designed our eye to view such small details (beauty), we are at a disadvantage compared to our invertebrate friends. For more information on the design of the human eye, click here. Why taste delicious food, if it can cause us to be picky eaters, thus reducing our chances for survival? Why take our time to enjoy a crispy and fresh salad if that too, reduces our chances for survival (someone might come and eat it before us)? What is the purpose in enjoying sex for the female? It doesn't help us conceive? Creativity, the imagination, the female orgasm, art, music, poetry, culinary arts, etc. are all unnecessary things for survival.

God placed in us these capabilities and experiences so He could reveal Himself to us. He didn't just sprinkle beauty here and there. He slathered it everywhere! It is everywhere if you truly desire to see it. His fingerprint and design is in the smallest of single cell organisms to the largest galaxies that hover around ours. He hides the beautiful things in plain sight, hoping we discover them. Take saltwater fish. Some of the most beautiful colors known to man are found on saltwater fish, but it wasn't until recently that man has basked in their glorious colors. These fish had been there for thousands of years, waiting to be discovered. God hid that beauty, because beauty discovered is beauty that is enjoyed the most. Just as we relish in our children discovering things on their own, so does our Father when His children discover His creation.

I cut these flowers from one of my beds in front of my house. They smell just lovely! I have brought them inside my home and now my house smells of these lilies and I am just marinating in their scent! I enjoyed the detail and the fine workmanship of my King. These lilies are not a product of rocks that evolved, they are the product of a Creator that specializes in detail and order and precision. He spoke these lilies into existence, but more precious than that, He touched and molded me into mine. He has counted every single hair on my head (Matthew 10:30) and knit me together in my mother's womb (Psalm 139:13). I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 134:14) by a Being that stretches out the skies (Job 26:7).

Although our world in not perfect (due to the fall of man). We can still get a glimpse of the character of our Creator. He is One to be feared and respected (Luke 12:5) and One that I can't help to see everywhere.

I Praise You!


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