Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pretty Finds

 I just love going to local flea markets and small quaint shops! Here are some very happy finds!

I just love this kind of metal. It looks so cowboyish and gives a feeling that some things can last for a long time. I just want to brew some strong coffee using this coffee pot and an open fire and maybe ride into the sunset!

I saw this little guy in a little corner all alone. I just love the colors he has. After I cleaned him up, he was even more colorful. I just love roosters! He is about 2 inches tall and only cost me 25 cents!

Here is a little egg basket I found. Our cat, Percy, also liked it!

I just love old books. This one is a third edition of Louisa May Alcott's, "Under the Lilacs". The cover is so detailed and is covered with different scenes found in the book! Only $1.

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