Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Angel of Darkness - Book Review

I read the Alienist several years ago and absolutely loved it. Mr. Carr did an excellent job building the twisted character of the abuser and murderer of the most vulnerable. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about his second book.

The Angel of Darkness is a sequel and there is a new mystery to be solved. A high profile little girl has been kidnapped and the trail begins. But it is a very long trail. The book completely feels like most sequels do. And the style it is written in, gets very frustrating especially in a 700 page book! It was very difficult to finish this book and where Mr. Carr's first book was very realistic, this one was almost silly - in one scene, Theodore Roosevelt comes to save the day along with his shipmates!

There also seems to be an agenda. It feels like Mr. Carr is fighting for women's equality, but going about it in a very disturbing way. He tries to persuade the reader that women are equal to men but not in mind or intelligence, but in how evil they can be. Frankly, that is not the equality I would like championed for me.

I really don't recommend this book to anyone. It really was a bore and the writing style made me ache.

To the Christian: Mankind is depraved to the core. If any of us has any good in us, I believe, it is a grace from God. This book highlights just how depraved a human being can be, even a woman, even a mother. Psalm 14:1b says . . . "there is no one who does good"

There is some gore in the book, and detailed beatings. There are innuendos of sex, but nothing graphic.