Saturday, November 26, 2011

Son of Hamas - Book Review

As an American, I don't understand what it is like to be occupied by a stronger regime.  I do not understand what it is like to see family members killed. I do not have to physically fight for my rights or be afraid of being tortured for information or because of my beliefs. Most people I know that have died, have died due to sickness, disease, old age or accidents. I live very comfortably in a cozy home with running water and electricity. I do not know hunger, unless I am fasting.  I own a car, a TV, a computer and other seemingly worthless things. And above all, I have never been afraid to worship my God. The only fear that comes with worship is in my own mind and placed there by my own inhibitions. Will someone think I am a hypocrite if I raise my hands to worship Jesus? Will someone be disturbed if I say "amen" too loudly? Will someone get offended if - dare I say it!? - danced in worshiping my Lord? The only fear I have when it comes to worshiping, praying, reading my Bible, or professing my faith is the fear that I might offend someone. How pathetic!

This is why I picked up this book to read. I wanted to read about the story of a man who, according to the world, would become the next Hamas leader. But God had different plans for him. Mosab Hassan Yousef, the firstborn son of the Hamas leader became a servant of my Jesus Christ. The man who five times a day prayed to allah, is now praying to the same Jesus I pray to. The man with a family that disowned him because of his new faith, now has a new family in the body of the Bride. I wanted to read about his story.

I could not put this book down. Besides having his conversion story, there is also the story of the forever war between Israel and the rest of the Middle East. Mr. Hassan tells an intriguing story of pain, murder, espionage and faith. This book reads like a spy thriller and I was really impressed in how entertaining it was. Hassan's story is beautiful and very sad at the same time. He eventually finds Jesus and spiritual rest but at a very high cost.

This book also goes into the Muslim culture and explains several Islamic rituals. Hasaan also exhorts Believers about passing from praying for others and actually doing something about what we pray about and who we pray for.
Recommended for: Any Christian, especially ones who like reading suspense, biographies, and books on espionage. Also Christian Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans will appreciate this book.

Warnings: There are plenty of chapters involving brutal torture, including the author's. There are several paragraphs that talk about promiscuity and unnatural sex acts. There are lots of chapters full of violence, death, bombs and the use of other military weapons.

Rating: 10 out of 10 stars
Pages: 265